Multi-purpose Natural Health Care Is Now Within Your Reach

Discovery is a way of life on the internet and casual browsing can end up in discovering interesting websites that can subsequently turn out to be very useful for you. If you happen to come across the website during an internet sojourn, there are high chances that you would be provoked to know more about it. Assuming that you do not have enough time to navigate through the website and prefer to have a crispy reading material to enable you fathom the different dimensions of the company and its products, read more here to quench your thirst for information. You will be happy to find the information both interesting and useful.

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The company

The company that was born to cater health products had changed its ownership in 1990. The new owners had been attracted by the nature based product range that appealed to their environment friendly minds. The new owners were passionate about human well being and natural health and wanted to use the potential of the company not for any business but for personal use. Sensing a demand for natural products from existing customers, the new owners fell back into manufacturing the products from natural ingredients.  Blending their passion for natural health together with their love for cooking backed by research, the new owners brought back the range of products that had been discontinued and to maintain authenticity kept the ingredients unchanged.

Natural cure and remedy

The company has its roots firmly grounded in natural remedies and this is reflected in the products that it brings to the market. The company’s belief in natural health and well being is reflected in its products that comprise of pain relieving product, deodorants for body and foot and insect repellant. All these products are manufactured from natural ingredients without a trace of any chemicals in it. The ingredients are obtained from natural resources and are formulated with care and compassion to maintain its naturalness without affecting its efficacy.


The products

Discover more about the products that have maintained its popularity and enjoys a band of loyal customers whose intense desire to use the products enabled the company to re-brand and re-launch the products after ownership change.

  • Pain reliever – This pain reliever is meant to provide relief from pain to people suffering from arthritis, neck and head stiffness and any other kind of joint pain as well as headaches and severe migraines. When sprayed on the affected areas, the natural medicine works almost instantaneously.
  • Insect repellent – Made from natural ingredients, this insect repellent is unique in its feature that enables its use as a pet deodoriser. The repellent can keep mosquitoes away from you for at least 4 hours and repulsive pet odour of pets is effectively neutralised when applied on them.
  • Deodorants – The deodorants are made from natural crystal mineral salts and have high skin tolerance and offers round the clock protection from bacteria besides spreading its charming aroma.

Natural health care is now within your reach and it is undoubtedly effective, as many people have found it.